Which windows are better – wooden or plastic

A window for a house with good performance properties, low thermal conductivity and long service life can only be made of two materials – wood or PVC. Plastic windows took over the market a few years ago, they were not so expensive, so a huge share of all windows installed in the last decade is made of PVC. Today, the demand for plastic began to fall, consumers again turned their eyes to wooden competitors.

The wood construction has its drawbacks, as do the plastic models. We compared wooden windows with plastic ones for performance. Below are the results of the analysis for 7 points, a comparison of costs and final conclusions: which window is better to set?

Thermal conductivity

One of the main tasks of a window is to keep warm air, despite the lightness of the structure. Its energy saving capabilities will be reflected in heating bills at the end of each month. The good material from which the structure is made, in particular, the coefficient of its thermal conductivity, affects how much heat from the room will be transferred to the environment.

Ventilation ability

The wooden window of the past had a significant drawback – the loose fit of the frame to the sash, the lack of effective seals that would be able to protect the apartment from drafts and frosty cold. The plastic windows that appeared to replace them went to the other extreme – they were too tight. In apartments with plastic windows installed, there is no natural air exchange with the street, due to which the humidity in the room increases, and the air is depleted in oxygen.

Modern wooden windows are no different from plastic ones in this sense. They let in very little air, plus the frame is impregnated with a number of chemicals and varnishes that protect it from wear and insect infestation, which also prevents air exchange.

As a result, we can conclude that PVC windows are close to wooden double-glazed windows in terms of air permeability, and there are no special differences. Installing ventilation valves solves the problem in both cases. They allow air to pass through even when the flaps are closed. There are several types of air supply valves, in particular, a number of them can be installed even in place of the handle.


In some cases, cheap windows become an end in itself for people who do not pay attention to the quality of the materials used. Considering the moment of safety, it is difficult to say unequivocally in favor of one of the types. We can only say that, and in both cases, it is better to choose more expensive options.

Material for plastic windows – PVC with additives. If PVC itself is chemically inert under the conditions of standard use, then additives to it are not always safe. Previously, lead salts were used to stabilize the PVC mass, today these are calcium and zinc compounds that are harmless to humans.

The material for wooden windows is good in itself, but impregnations are used to increase its service life, properties and protect against insect infestation. They help to cope with harmful UV radiation, mold, high humidity, but are of chemical origin.

Considering structures made in compliance with the technology and having quality certificates, it is difficult to talk about the greater safety of any one type. Do not choose the cheapest windows – this will increase the likelihood of using the most modern technologies in production. See original article in Russian for more info: заказать деревянные окна.


Plastic constructions have a classic look. The consumer is free to put a profile of a higher quality (snow-white, with clear lines and corners, perfect fit of parts) or a cheaper profile (which is likely to turn yellow), but in general, the appearance of the window does not change. With the help of a specialized film, it can be given any pattern and color, but it will be an imitation, noticeable from a close distance.

Wood structures look good, have a pleasant natural texture and texture, and give a plus to the natural look of the interior. A wooden house with windows made of the same material will look organic. With the help of tinting, wood can be given any look, it is not necessary to spend money on more expensive raw materials for the sake of color. Pine paints well in oak, ash, or rosewood, although the wood grain will give out pine. Plastic structures tend to look cheaper than wood structures, so the choice depends on the aesthetic requirements.

In addition to texture and color, the concept of appearance also includes the ability to create unique shapes. Arched, round, oval and any other windows are made of PVC, while there are some restrictions on the size of the sashes (difficult to manufacture and too large and too small). Wooden windows can also have arched shapes, but there is a limitation on the size of the radius.

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