Kristina Nicole Mendoza
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Kristina Nicole Mendoza

Get in touch with Kristina Nicole Mendoza — a well-known Instagram blogger and influencer.
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How many followers does Kristina Nicole Mendoza have?

Currently Kristina Nicole Mendoza has roughly about 242.2K followers on Instagram, which is pretty good.


Is Kristina Nicole Mendoza a proper influencer to work with?

Our stats says that Kristina Nicole Mendoza posts normally collect about 4K likes in average. If you are fine with that impact level – go on!


Does Kristina Nicole Mendoza advertisement work?

To estimate whether Kristina Nicole Mendoza advertisement is worth doing you should take into account the average engagement rate of corresponding @krristinanicole account which is ~ 1.70%. This is approximately how many interations you are likely to get with respect to the overall followers number.


What will be the reach I get if placing ad in Kristina Nicole Mendoza Instagram account?

The maximum potential reach is about 242.2K people (but most probably will be around 10% of this value).

Kristina Nicole is a female bodybuilder, born in Miami, Florida. She has been involved in athletics from an early age, participating in various activities such as cheerleading, dance and other sports. However, as an adult, she began exploring other aspects of fitness when she was introduced to the weight room by her coach. It was at this point that she really began to develop interests in bodybuilding.

Kristina Mendoza

Although, this was not her initial intention. Instead of pursuing bodybuilding, Nicole started lifting weights just to boost her self-esteem and get in shape. Subsequently, she fell in love with the whole facility, giving up on vices like junk food and alcohol. This led to her passion for being in the gym.

At that point, Kristina Nicole began her career as a personal trainer. She was certified by the NFPT as a personal trainer and began working alongside others, helping with their fitness. In fact, it was through this consistency in the gym that she began to take a serious interest in bodybuilding. However, she maintains this desire to help others and allows this positivity to influence her attitude towards everything.

As Nicole began to become an inspirational person, these trends translated into success on Instagram. She is considered a social media influencer, having amassed quite a steady following. On her Instagram, fans follow her for advice on nutrition and fitness, as well as her positive advice and words of wisdom.



Early bodybuilding career

Kristina Nicole started her bodybuilding career in 2016 when she participated in the NPC Dayana Cadeau Classic. She entered this contest in the Female Physical division, winning second place. It was immediately clear how much hard work her work was paying off, as her increased size and strength became obvious.

After this excellent performance, she took part in the 2016 NPC South Florida Championships. Again Nicole competed in the Physique category. Although this time she took 3rd place in a competition with four people.

In 2017 Nicole switched to the women’s heavyweight division when she appeared at the NPC USA Championships. This was her biggest test so far and she finished 3rd in the new division. This was further evidence of her growth as an athlete and bodybuilder. She then followed with a 4th place at the 2017 NPC World Championships.

Professional bodybuilding career

In 2018, Nicole would try to win her pro card. She competed in the Chicago Pro and put in a respectable performance. Even so, she would only deserve second place, which resulted in not receiving her card.

Kristina Nicole made her comeback at the 2019 IFBB Chicago Pro, where she won first place. This ultimately allowed him to capture that elusive Pro card. She made a statement with her intense physique, but her very feminine appearance. She was considered a great addition to the IFBB Pro League roster.


After getting her Pro card, Nicole decided to make a quick turnaround, making her professional debut just 9 weeks later. She would take the stage at the 2019 IFBB Pro Rising Phoneix competition. It is one of the biggest competitions in female bodybuilding. Therefore, it’s no surprise that she only got 16th place. She didn’t do herself any favors by jumping straight into the deep end, with little time to get ready. However, it will surely serve as a massive learning experience and a good way to get rid of the pressure of making a professional debut.

Kristina Nicole Diet and nutrition

Kristina Nicole follows a very strict diet, which she has adapted to her needs. Her experience of her as a personal trainer and desire to become a dietician gives her an edge when it comes to planning her meals. Also, while she is extremely devoted and strict in her plans for her competition preparation, she is known for cheating with some sushi in the off-season.

Nicole hardly had a chance to make a name for herself in the world of professional bodybuilding. However, she enters space after already garnering a following from her social media efforts. After that, it will be exciting to see how her career progresses.

Kristina Nicole is a great example of what positivity and focus can bring to a person. It is this good mindset that she attributes to her success in hers. As her professional bodybuilder career continues, she will be worth watching to see how her positivity about her affects those around her.

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