How To Organize Desk Space Tips and Tricks

There is a variety of information to be found in the field of “desk organizing.” To discover the best resources, I scoured several websites and blogs for hours. When it comes to organizing your work area, now is the time to become educated. I’ve compiled a list of some of my favorite methods for increasing productivity and efficiency in the office.

  • — Keep your PC close at hand at all times.
  • — Direct visual contact with a laptop or desktop computer makes it much easier to focus on what’s being shown on the screen.
  • — Aside from that, there is the issue of computer cables.
  • — To keep wires and chargers neatly tucked away, use computer wire ties.
  • — Desktop organizers are available if you like.
  • — Keep all the important things organized in storage boxes from Royal Craft Wood (example).

How To Organize Desk Space Tips and Tricks

Your most frequently used items should be close to your dominant hand. The phone I had on the left side of my desk functioned well for me for years. My dominant hand was on the right side of my body when I was younger.I have no need for any of this. In order to reach my phone while on the phone, I’d have to spread my arms wide across my chest. A great opportunity for self-discovery and personal improvement is generally available.

There are other ways to arrange your workstation, however. Moving the phone or re-orienting my workstation saved me time and effort. I don’t possess one, as far as I know. There are a variety of ways to decorate it, including floating shelves and pegboards. Even on the wall.

When it comes to me, I have no doubts. Your home or company may also benefit from a fun do-it-yourself project. Paper clips and pens in profusion are a waste of space. Tchotchkes you can live without.

What about a light for your work area? 

Placing it far enough away from your work area will prevent it from getting in the way of your efficiency. Is this the magazine rack you were looking for? Take a moment to think about it.

Is this something that is important to you? To maintain it, you should only do so if this is the case.

Do you use a stapler frequently?

Fine. Place it on your desk or table so that you can easily access it. There must be a problem with it. If you have a desk drawer or a desktop organizer, you may store it here.

Make sure to keep in mind though: Desk accessories are there to assist you stay organized, rather than to spruce up your workspace. Stop yourself from spending on Amazon and The Container Store’s Office Supplies!

In your desk, you may find a place for anything from paper clips to business cards to post-it notes to stickers.

However, it’s not your work area. Everything you don’t need right now has no place on your desk. Aside from that, it’s just a waste of time.

A filing cabinet or the trash can may be used for the rubbish. 

This strategy will make it simpler to keep a clean desk. Do you have sticky notes all over your monitor labeling everything “essential”? When it comes to workplace organization, that’s a horrible concept.

If it wasn’t awful enough, pinning all of your notes to the wall makes it seem sloppy and untidy. You should only use sticky notes when absolutely necessary, such as to jot down a last-minute brilliant idea that you don’t want to forget while eating lunch. You should only use post-it notes in an emergency. To-do lists don’t need to include these tasks. When it comes to your personal life, take your time.

Photographs of dogs are in demand.

Vacation to Cabo? Oh my my. When we were all together as a family for the first time in many years. It’s important to keep in mind that your desk is a place where you may concentrate only on the tasks at hand.

Notify yourself only when necessary. A big issue is notification overload. Even if it’s all done online, you may still feel the impacts since you’re sitting at your computer.

My understanding of the matter has been clarified. When it comes to alerts, it’s difficult to resist the temptation.

In order to avoid getting distracted, you should put your phone away. ClickUp, which allows you to build your own notification system, is a viable option .’s Using smart notifications, you can choose which activities you wish to be warned about, and at what time. For example, if you’d want to be alerted to a new Comment, or an updated Task status.

Is this how it went down?

Maintain an open desk space.

The immediate area around your computer should be free of any unneeded clutter. Go through papers and files without having to clear any desk or office space. Don’t store anything here for very long either. By examining, modifying, and approving them, you may move them forward. There are many similarities to Kanban! At all times, keep just the most critical and urgent documents on your desk. To begin, I noted how much paper was involved.

It’s time to get rid of or archive a document that I no longer need or want to read.

Keep just what is really essential and time-critical.

It is possible to organize and categorize your files with the use of file keepers, organizers, and sorters. To entertain the possibility, let’s pretend. Red is used in marketing. Wearing green is a smart idea when you’re on vacation. Do a last sweep of the home before you depart. Ensure that your workspace is spotless before you leave.

Nothing goes perfectly every day, and no one is perfect.

A piece of paper is here. The pencil cup on the table has fallen over. No one can shut it. Following your lunch break, you neglected to close the jar of preserves you had left out. That night’s trash from the Twix bar, which had been open.


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