Cast iron, steel, acrylic or something new? Choosing your dream bathtub

7 October 2022

Renovating a bathroom is a complicated, expensive and emotionally demanding affair. And understandably, this kind of change isn't meant to last a year or two – annoying tiles can't be changed as easily as the colour of the walls. The cost of a complete bathroom renovation is hardly comparable. Therefore, before we decide for large-scale alterations, it is worth to think over everything thoroughly, so that later not to console ourselves with thoughts like "We'll live like this, it's not too bad". Today, we are going to deal with one of the most important elements of a beautiful and functional bathroom: the bathroom.

Modern shower cabins, though they have long since settled in flats of Belarusians, cannot replace a bathtub (especially with sea salt and foam). To bathe a child, to warm up after a frosty walk and just to relax at the end of a nerve-weary week is easier and nicer in the bathroom. Today it is possible to choose among a variety of colours, shapes and materials. However, despite the development of technology, the most popular among Belarusians are cast iron, steel and acrylic bathtubs.

Cast iron bathtubs

We got used to heavy, solid and almost indestructible cast iron bathtubs since our childhood. Material does not lose relevance today – cast iron is still being melted in factories and, obeying the demand, it is cast in neat bowls, designed for at least two decades of service (see for details).

Advantages of good old cast iron

Almost everyone sought to install cast iron baths – it was fashionable, practical and, most importantly, reliable. The bathtub was used for several generations, and it almost did not undergo changes. This is probably the biggest advantage today: Once you have invested in it, it won't be long before you think about replacing it.

The weight of such a bath is both a plus (you can be sure that the bowl is secure and will not tip over when you sit in it or on the rim) and a minus (it will be difficult to lift the bathtub on the floor if delivery is not provided). On average, the weight of a cast-iron bathtub starts at 90 kilograms, and then everything depends on the size.

For a large family that starts water procedures in the evening, the cast-iron bath is especially relevant: once heated once, it still gives off heat for a very long time. If one or two people live in the flat, this point is not so important. But noise insulation is of interest to everyone. A cast-iron bath is truly silent: the thickness of its walls is approximately 5-7 millimeters, which means that the sound of water falling from the tap or shower counter is well absorbed. This means that you will not hear the water running in your room, nor will your neighbours be aware of your bathing procedures.

Such baths, as a rule, have double or triple enamel coating. Due to this, they shine, shimmer and look glossy. By the way, claws of pets that need to wash paws after every walk or just periodically bathed, are not afraid of cast-iron baths, the enamel will not scratch.

Nowadays models with special anti-slip coating have become popular. On the one hand, it is good: many people know that new bathtubs are really very slippery, and that can turn into any injuries. But on the other hand, with time, if the bathtub is not taken care of constantly, anti-slip strips lose their original whiteness and start looking untidy. That is why the golden rule of bathtubs with such option is: when you take a shower, wash the bowl (or at least clean the whole perimeter with a showerhead). If the stripes have already darkened, it is quite difficult to return them to their original look with cleaners, it requires a lot of effort. So think carefully about whether it's worth it. In general, it is easy to take care of a regular cast iron bathtub – it is enough not to use agents with acid and be careful with abrasive particles. Everything has to be within reason.

Steel bathtubs

Steel baths are not a gimmick either. In any construction hypermarket they will be at least five pieces, and even in different colours – from milky to blue. This option is also quite reliable: when the bathtub itself takes up almost half of the bathroom space, you want to install something that will last a long time.

The benefits of steel bathtubs

The main advantage of a steel bath is the price. It will still look nice, shimmer in the light and look white. You don't have to worry about the bathtub tipping over, either. And it is easy to care for.

The thickness of this bath starts at 1.5 millimeters, but it is better, of course, to choose a more solid version – at least 2.4 millimeters. This will be quite enough for comfortable use: the bowl will not sag. The Spaniards also offer steel bathtubs with a thickness of 3.5 millimetres.

Acrylic bathtubs

Acrylic bathtubs are becoming increasingly popular. There is a simple explanation. Firstly, buyers are attracted by the variety of shapes. In this case there are no limits on fantasy and wishes: acrylic baths can be round, rectangular, asymmetric – whatever! Also there is a wide range of sizes. And even if something is not available in shops, but you really want it, we can make a bathtub personally according to your needs. In addition, unlike the previous variants, you can fit whirlpool nozzles into an ordinary acrylic bathtub – a specialist will make it in the shortest time.

It is necessary to take into account that there are different acrylic, and you should not expect much from a cheap one. If you choose the cheapest bath, you should be prepared that it may be rough and it will be pressed under the weight of water and a person. Pay attention to the thickness of acrylic: for normal operation it should be at least 4-5 millimeters. There are even thinner versions, but such a tub will glow. Remember: a good painted acrylic bathtub must not let any light in.

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