Becoming an SMM-manager: from basics to social media panel management

There are many SMM managers who cannot find a job. And even more companies are looking for a specialist who will understand the business, analyze it, set everything up, systematize and launch it.

Why can't they find each other? Some future managers do not understand what they have to do and how to work. Let's deal with the profession once and for all.

What an SMM-manager does

Works with clients' social networks: fills with content, monitors comments, prepares plans, launches advertising campaigns and contests. In smaller organizations, he may be asked not only to run giveaways, but also to conduct them.

Requirements for the specialist vary depending on the specifics, size and budget of the organization. Everywhere may require an SMM manager to do something of their own. For some, the specialist simply sets up advertising campaigns, and for others, monitors content and checks the work of the sales department. But some areas of work do converge for most clients.

The work of the SMM manager often revolves around these tasks:

  • — understand the business and the product being promoted;
  • —​​​​​​​ to study the specifics of the business, to identify the UTP and understand how to set it apart from the competition;
  • —​​​​​​​ to analyze users and find out who can become the target audience of the project;
  • —​​​​​​​ to study competitors, their specifics and offers;
  • —​​​​​​​ develop a content plan to work with, be prepared for its correction after analyzing the results of the first campaign;
  • —​​​​​​​ to set up targeting advertising, if the state does not have a tagger;
  • —​​​​​​​ to promote the business and its social networks by any means: advertising from bloggers, the media, activities, etc.;
  • —​​​​​​​ prepare a report for the client on the work done.

You will have to study different services and tools. Something will help in the development of a content plan, something in the search of interesting pictures for creatives, something in the automation of individual processes. For example, with the service deferred posting SMMplanner, you can schedule the publication of posts on the content plan in advance and do something more interesting.

What qualities an SMM manager needs

To become a good specialist, it is desirable to have certain qualities or be willing to develop them in yourself:

  • —​​​​​​​ Communicative abilities. Not be afraid to interact with clients and ask questions. Know how to deal with negativity or multiply positive comments.
  • —​​​​​​​ Logic and analytical skills. Make content plans, analyze reports, plan events and activities, understand cause and effect relationships.
  • —​​​​​​​ Work ethic. Love the profession and be willing to overwork. It is possible to achieve great success if you put in the hard work.
  • —​​​​​​​ Creativity. Create publications, contests, come up with summaries of content, and be prepared for unusual tasks.

Specifics of work in SMM

The job of SMM manager is similar to other online professions, though there a used specific online tools for marketing automation, like N1 social media panel or Hootsuite. But before you start to learn and work, it is worth to understand the pros and cons of the specialty.

Advantages of working in SMM

Among the advantages of the profession:

  • — Additional earnings. You can work in your spare time from the main employment.
  • —​​​​​​​ Easy retraining. To make SMM the main job and completely go into it realistically – as a hired worker or as the head of your own agency.
  • —​​​​​​​ Quick training. There is no need to study for several years, it is enough to finish courses to begin with.
  • —​​​​​​​ Easy entry. For the novice SMM manager, most programs are free, there is no need for a special monetary investment.
  • —​​​​​​​ Regular income. It is not necessary to constantly look for customers – if you do your work well, customers stay for months and years.
  • —​​​​​​​ Development and growth. There's always room for development and increased earnings.
  • —​​​​​​​ Variety of tasks. Work will always be unusual and educational.

Study Assignments

Homework assignments are not only given to check what the student has learned. Sometimes they can be framed in a case study and added to a portfolio. You can come up with a new brand, run a campaign, collect the results and create a case study that you are not ashamed to show to future customers.

Employment from a training company

Some companies that train SMM professionals help graduates look for their first projects as part of their expensive rates. Others send graduates fresh job openings. This is a good help in the first few months of employment.

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