How to become a YouTuber


The endless possibilities of the Internet provide everyone with a way to earn decent money using the YouTube video hosting service. The main thing is to show imagination, a little perseverance and patience. In order to become a truly successful YouTuber, you need to come up with a fresh and interesting idea, shoot a high-quality video with a plot, and provide some advertising for your work.

Becoming a YouTuber isn’t really that difficult. To get started, you need a smartphone or camcorder. And you also need to decide on the topic of the videos. This could be your favorite computer game, Lego crafts, pet care, or another hobby. Then you need to come up with a name for your channel and register it on YouTube. An adult’s help is required to register the channel. When the channel is ready, you can start shooting your first video! To begin with, you need to prepare a place for shooting – it should be bright and as quiet as possible so that unnecessary sounds do not get into the video. In the first video, you need to tell about yourself and the channel, what it will be about, why it will be interesting or useful to viewers. When the video is ready, you need to upload it to YouTube and briefly write what this video is about. The link to the first video can be sent to friends and acquaintances – this is how the first likes and comments will appear on the channel. A start has been made, you can think about what the next video will be.
Anyone can become a YouTuber, but becoming a popular YouTuber is not an easy task! To do this, you need to shoot very interesting or useful videos that are not yet on YouTube.

Nowadays, such a direction as video blogging has become quite popular. Video bloggers shoot short (no more than 40 minutes) videos and post them on YouTube. Three topics are especially popular – game review, movie criticism and humor. However, you can choose any other direction that you like and in which you are well versed.

Where to start?

Do you dream of becoming a famous and popular YouTuber? Then you need to start implementing this idea. First, it is important to come up with a bright and memorable name for your video channel. It can be a nickname or just an original name that will be remembered by the viewer. But do not use a large number of numbers or difficult to pronounce combinations.

A win-win would be a name that hints at the content of your videos. In addition, it should be unique, because your channel may be completely closed for plagiarizing other people’s creations.

The next step is the design and filling of the information block. The channel header (or header) is your “face” by which you will be distinguished on YouTube and on the Internet, so you should not neglect the quality. Here you can use various programs, for example, photoshop.

Or turn to professionals for help. It is not necessary to go to expensive studios; for this, various freelance sites will do quite well, where the order will be executed efficiently, quickly and much cheaper. There you can also ask copywriters to write a bright and short text presentation, and for an additional fee, craftsmen will edit the information according to SEO advertising standards.


If you are good at playing computer games, you should try your luck at creating so-called letsplay. Here the situation is also simpler – the player does not need to be in the frame, and less equipment is needed – a good computer and a microphone.

Shooting and sound

If, nevertheless, the presenter shoots videos with his direct participation, it is necessary to attend to the purchase of the appropriate equipment. This is at least a camera and a microphone.

For beginner video bloggers, a regular hand-held camera (with a stand) or a DSLR camera would be a good option. They have enough settings to make the picture look the way it should be. Do not use smartphones – they have few settings, and sometimes the phone memory runs out at the most inopportune moment.

In addition, it is very important to have good lighting, which will help not only give a high-quality picture, but also emphasize the desired facial features. The main thing is not to place the light behind you, otherwise on the recording you will look like one black spot in the middle of the screen.

Charisma and charm

If you decide to work for the camera, you need to do it with confidence. It would be nice to study at least a little acting skills, work on facial expressions and voice. You need to learn the text by heart or be able to improvise well. This is not given immediately, so it is worth rehearsing before shooting.

And most importantly – do your best, get inspired, don’t be afraid to make mistakes. Blogging is not an easy task. It requires a lot of dedication and patience. Take inspiration from other successful YouTubers (but don’t copy them) and soon you will develop your own unique style that will glorify you all over the Internet!

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