How to become a blogger and how to get subscribers

These and many other questions are asked by people who want to become bloggers, so in this material I will give a short guide to starting a blogging career.

The first thing you need to understand is how to get followers? How to get followers on Instagram or YouTube, free and preferably a lot.

Recommendations are given here primarily on how to gain subscribers on YouTube, but they can be applied to other platforms as well.

1. Interesting content

No advice will work if there is no interesting content on the channel. Therefore, before making the recommendations below, you need to have 10 interesting videos on the channel and people entering the channel want to subscribe.

2. Post new content regularly

For example, 2 videos per week. Before starting, record 4 videos in advance so that there is a supply for 2 weeks in advance.

3. Comment on videos in YouTube trends

Go to videos in YouTube trends that are close to your topic. You want the viewers of these videos to be roughly similar to the audience who might like your video.

There you can leave 2 types of comments:

– anything in common, to raise your comment up (those comments that get more likes go up) – for example, who from 2020?

– the second comment on the topic of the video – comment on something from the video, preferably with humor, so that people also want to rate it and like it.

It is advisable to leave comments as soon as the video came out and hit the trends. So that the comment can go up as early as possible.

4. Hide the number of subscribers of your channel

Nobody wants to subscribe to a channel that has 10 subscribers. Therefore, up to 1000 subscribers – you can close the number of subscribers on the channel. Here’s how to do it:

Sign in to your channel and go to Creative Studio. There select: settings – channel – advanced settings.
In the “Number of subscribers” section, uncheck the “Show number of subscribers on channel” checkbox.

6. Do not name your videos with a very wide frequency of requests

Name it so that the frequency is not too high (for example, no more than 50 thousand requests per month).

Check how often users type in the title that you want to assign to the video. If the frequency is too low, no one will see it. If it is too high, then at the beginning there will be other videos with more views, likes and comments than yours.

7. On the preview (first picture) of the video, write a large title and show you, for example, as the main character.

The font needs to be conspicuous – bright and clear. The face or the main character or the main detail of the video and the title should come to the fore.

Look at the CTR of your video cover – this is an indicator of the click-through rate of the picture, for example: 100 times the picture was shown on YouTube, 10 of them were clicked on it – therefore the CTR of the picture is 10%.

If on the first day the CTR is less than 5%, this is not enough for at least 1000 views and you need to change it to another one. Make 5 different previews, change images and then choose the ones with the highest CTR.

50% of a video’s success depends on the cover. No matter how good the video is, but if they don’t click on it, then no one will see the content either.

8. At the start, do not make vlog channels.

A vlog is a blog where a person talks about his life and what he does. But they are very difficult to untwist unless you are a plumber who tells you how to clean a siphon.

9. Try to broadcast live. At least once a week.

10. The length of the video is at least 8 minutes. Because it is important for YouTube that the viewer is on their platform for as long as possible.

11. At the beginning (not at the end) of the video make a call for subscription.

But not trivial, but do it organically, preferably after 30 seconds. First, interest the viewer, and then offer to subscribe in a non-standard way.

12. Play with humor, funny, fun and dynamic. Make a video that’s not only useful but fun to watch.

13. Find a mentor or copy.

Find a mentor from those channels that are similar to yours, ask them for advice, what you need to do to develop.

Or copy, cars and phones are 95% the same. People with a lot of views already know what to do. But if you are copying, then set yourself a goal to do better.

For example, the A4 blogger (makes interesting challenges) simply copied most of his first videos.

14. What cannot be done on the channel?

Do not write in the comments of other videos – mutual subscription – like, subscription, comment, YouTube sees this and lowers your channel in the search results. There is also a dead audience that subscribes but does not watch the channel, which is also bad for its promotion.

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