How rich is ERIC CLAPTON - Net Worth in 2024

Eric Clapton Net Worth 2024

How rich is ERIC CLAPTON - Net Worth in 2024

Eric Patrick Clapton, CBE

Eric Clapton was born on March 30, 1945 in Ripley, UK, to Edward Walter Fryer and Patricia Molly Clapton. He is a famous guitarist, singer and songwriter in England. His guitar skills are just out of this world. He made a lot of money in his life

Well, how well do you know Eric Clapton? If not a lot, we’ve put together everything you need to know about Eric Clapton’s net worth in 2021, age, height, weight, wife, kids, bio, and all the details about his life. Well, if you’re ready, here’s what we know so far about Eric Clapton.

Biography and early life

Eric Clapton was born to Patricia Molly Clapton when she was only 16 and her father Edward Walter Fryer was a 25-year-old soldier. Clapton received an acoustic Hoyer Guiter for his thirteenth  birthday . He was inspired by blues music from a young age and practiced it to get good at it. He finished school in 1961, then was admitted to college, but later dropped out. He just wants to focus on music, so he left the College of Arts just to study music.

Age, height, weight and body measurements

So how old is Eric Clapton in 2021 and how tall and how heavy is he? Well, Eric Clapton is 76 today, August 8, 2021 and was born on March 30, 1945. Although he is 5′ 7″ in feet and inches and 176 cm in centimeters tall, he weighs about 185 pounds in pounds and 84 kg in kilograms.


Eric Clapton was born in England and graduated from Hollyfield School and was later admitted to Kingston College of Arts, but later was abandoned. He has never been interested in studying to focus on his music. He dropped out of college.

Personal life: dating, girlfriends, wife, children


Eric Clapton married Pattie Boyd in 1979, but before her marriage had a daughter named Ruth Kelly Clapton. Although his marriage did not last long, he divorced Pattie in 1988. In 2002 he married Melia McEnery. The couple have three daughters Sophie, Ella and Julie.

Now he has a good life and has even become a grandfather. Since taking this guitar, his life seems to have changed completely. The way he does his job is extraordinary and the success he has is simply phenomenal. Today he is praised by everyone around the world for his hard work and passion for what he does. He is a role model for his children and will be an icon for his grandchildren.

He has a huge collection of exotic cars because he is a huge fan of them. He owns over 100 cars that will cost over millions. His collection includes all kinds of cars.

He has a huge collection of musical instruments in his house. It has a separate music room for all of its art.

Is Eric Clapton gay?

He’s been married twice and now life is going well with Melia McEnery. He had an affair with several girls with whom he never married but had children with them. So his private life proves he’s not gay.

Professional career

When he was 13, he received a guitar as a birthday present, and is today the best guitarist ever. He has performed with various bands such as “Roosters” and “Casey Jones & the Engineers”. In 1963 he left the band and joined the ‘Yardbirds’. In 1965 he released his first single, “For Your Love”, which was a success. He did “Blues Breakers – John Mayall – with Eric Clapton”. He has released many albums and achieved great success over time .


Eric Clapton has achieved many successes and milestones in his career. Some of these are listed below:

  • Won the BAFTA Award for Edge of Darkness in 1986
  • Won a Primetime Emmy Award in 2008
  • Won 18 Grammy Awards, which is just great

Net worth, salary and earnings of Eric Clapton in 2021


Eric Clapton has created a lot of wealth and money over time. He was constantly releasing albums with different bands or with different artists. His solos or singles are also very successful. His net worth is currently $470 million as of 2021.

Some interesting facts you need to know

It was featured by Rolling Stones Magazine # 2 on the list of the 100 best guitarists. It has 18 incredible Grammy Awards that are hard to believe. He is also a car lover and has a collection of exotic cars. He is the only one to have been three times in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

We can say that Eric Clapton is a great guitarist, singer and songwriter. His albums are a huge success, both alone and with a group. He always changed bands or groups, but wherever he was he succeeded. There aren’t many tall musicians like Eric in the music industry.

People idolize him and try to follow his path. His personal life is a bit bumpy, but it never gave him any problems. His life is an immense success and he is like an idol for all young people who want to live the life he lives.

Eric Clapton is a well known guitarist from England who is also a songwriter and singer and has been inducted three times into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Clapton was a member of the Yardbirds, then played for John Mayall & the Bluesbreakers. He also formed Cream. It was placed at number 2 on the list of “100 Greatest Guitarists of All Time “by Rolling Stones magazine.

You may know Eric Clapton very well. But do you know how old and how old you are, and what is your net worth in 2021? If you don’t know, we have put together this article on details of Eric Clapton’s short biography-wiki, career, professional life, personal life, current net worth, age, height, weight and more facts. Well, if you’re ready, let’s get started.

Early Life

Eric Patrick Clapton was born in Ripley, Surrey, England, on March 30, 1945, to his parents Edward Walter Fryer and Patricia Molly Clapton. He received an acoustic guitar on his 13th birthday.

He completed his studies at Hollyfield School and then went to Kingston College of Art, but dropped out early to pursue a career in music. At the age of 17, he was in the British R&B group ‘Roosters’.

Personal life

In 1979, Eric Clapton married Pattie Boyd. Despite being married, he has a daughter, Ruth Kelly Clapton, with Yvonne Kelly. He divorced Pattie in 1988. He also had a son named Conor with Lory Del Santo. In 2002 he married Melia McEnery. The couple have three daughters named Sophie Belle, Ella May, and Julie Rose.

He also has a grandson named Eric Owen Bartlett, born to his daughter Ruth.

Age, height and weight

Born on March 30, 1945, Eric Clapton is 76 years old as of today August 9, 2021. He is 1.76 m tall weighs 84 kg.


After leaving college, Eric Clapton performed with ‘Roosters’ and’ Casey Jones & The engineers’. In 1963, he joined the rock and roll band ‘Yardbirds’. In 1965, they released the hit single “For Your Love.” In April of the same year, he joined ‘John Mayall & the Bluesbreakers. But he left the group a few months later.

He met John Mayall again and found critical success with ‘Blues Breakers – John Mayall – With Eric Clapton’. In 1966, he left his previous band and joined the band ‘Cream’. He found commercial success with the band and was in the band in the late 1960s.