How rich is DMX - Net Worth in 2021

DMX Net Worth 2021

How rich is DMX - Net Worth in 2021

Earl Simmons

DMX is a talented American rapper who was voted 5th best selling rap artist of the Nielsen SoundScan era. Most of his albums were a hit and featured multiple times on the US Billboard charts. It has also received several award nominations, but only won a few. Although it made millions in sales in the 1990s, it is bankrupt due to the high number of cases piling up in the courts for women seeking child support. The problems negatively impacted his career. Currently divorced, he is preparing for a notable comeback.


Well, how well do you know DMX? If not a lot, we’ve put together everything you need to know about DMX net worth in 2021, age, height, weight, wife, kids, bio, and all the details about his life. Well, if you’re ready, here’s what we know so far about DMX.

Biography and early childhood

DMX was born on December 18, 1970 in Baltimore, Maryland, USA. His parents are Arnett and Joe Barker. He has two brothers, Bonita and Shayla. The celebrity claims his past wasn’t a bed of roses as he was exposed to a childhood life of abuse and often went to foster homes. However, his family is religious and he was raised in the faith of Jehovah’s Witnesses and he maintains that faith to this day.

Age, height, weight and build

So how old is DMX in 2021 and how big and how much does it weigh? Well, today DMX, August 9, 2021, turns 50 and was born on December 18, 1970. Although she is 5 “9” in feet and inches tall and 180 cm tall, she weighs about 179 “. Pounds in pounds and 81 kg in kilograms.


The musician was enrolled in thehigh school professional and technical of George Westinghouse and even during his school days he entertained his peers with his rap songs. He was a famous rapper even at school


Personal life: dating, girlfriends, wife, children

Early on Rappers’ life was a challenge. From a young age he was fraught with legal problems and often had to flee for his safety. His first years of life and his beliefs strongly inspired his music. He mainly does hardcore rap. One of his closest friends and rapper is Jay Z.

He fell in love with Tashera and the two lovers got married in 1999. Together to his wife ie, the couple has four children: Shawn, Xavier, Taco mom and praise Mary Ella Simmons. However, DMX had extramarital affairs which ended her marriage. He was sued multiple times for failing to provide child support. The problem led to celebrities filing for bankruptcy. His bad behavior was unbearable for his wife, who was filing for divorce.

The constant piling up of lawsuits against him and his love affairs negatively impacted his rapping legacy. His crimes seem to overshadow the legendary rapper. We hope he manages to win the challenge and take responsibility for his actions.

Is DMX gay?

No. He is straight. The musician has formed several romantic relationships with the opposite sex. He married a woman from whom they divorced after having four children. Other love affairs resulted in DMX having 11 more children, which she did not support and ultimately went bankrupt.


Professional career

Dmx is a talented musician. His first album “It’s Dark, And Hell Is Hot” led him to a celebrity lifestyle. The album was released in 1998. It was a hit album that made it to the Billboard 200 charts. This latest album sold over 5 million times.

That same year he released the album “Flesh of My Flesh, Blood of My Blood”. The album was also on the Billboard 200 chart. He became the first rapper in history to have two albums on Billboard in the same year. Millions of copies have been sold.

In 1999 he released his third album entitled “And Then There Was X”. Like previous albums, it was successful and was inducted on the Billboard 200. The album also went platinum six times.

Other albums produced by the rapper include “Undisputed” (2012), “Year of the Dog … Again (2006) “,” Grand Champ “(2003) and” The Great Depression (2001).

His music has appeared in famous films such as Black Ink Crew 2017, King Dog 2013 and Top Five 2014.


  • Received several nominations
  • DMX has won 2 awards.

DMX net worth, salary and earnings in 2021


As of 2021, his net worth is US $-1 million. DMX is bankrupt. Prior to his bankruptcy, he was one of America’s best-selling artists. He sold over 86 million copies with a gross value of over $260 million. His extramarital affairs and the need to support his children were said to have or could have triggered his bankruptcy. He has had extramarital affairs with more than 15 women who have filed legal actions against him. However, DMX has not publicly confirmed the allegations.

Some interesting facts you need to know

DMX is a risky person. He has ever tried to buy marijuana and cocaine from an undercover cop in Miami, which led to his arrest.

DMX is a renowned American rapper whose music is among the top 5 bestsellers. His music has appeared on US billboards, nominated for awards and honorees. Despite being a legendary hardcore rapper, he is bankrupt. Many have traced his love life to bankruptcy.


The love scandal led him to divorce his 11-year-old wife. He has a total of 15 children, four of them with his wife. He still shows up at various court hearings despite being bankrupt, which has had a negative impact on his career. Let’s hope he gets over his problems and gets back to work with optimal concentration.


DMX the actor and record producer, but known to many as a rapper. A man who has sold over 86 million albums in his career as a musician, what the heck would he be with a negative net worth? DMX, from 2000 to date, has been arrested more than 15 times and charged with drug possession, aggravated battery, animal cruelty, lack of child support, theft, drunk driving and many more, but the most shocking thing is his bankruptcy filing. on several occasions.

Recently, DMX has been indicted in 14 counts of tax fraud related cases, totaling $1.7 million, which if found guilty could face four decades behind bars. Given the current situation, let me explain what the net worth of DMX looks like in a descending speed lane.

Maybe you know DMX very well, but do you know how old and how tall it is? And what is your net worth in 2021? If you don’t know, we have put together this article on DMX short bio-wiki details, career, professional life, personal life, current net worth, age, height, weight and more facts. Well, if you’re ready, let’s get started.

Early Life

Earl Simmons is the son of Arnett Simmons and Joe Barker, who gave birth to him in 1970 in New York State.

He grew up in a religious family, establishing that Jehovah’s Witness believes in him, who even today says that he has never strayed from the ways of the Bible. While growing up, she faced an abusive childhood life, but would go to group homes.

Personal life

DMX was married to Tashera Simmons for approximately 11 years and divorced in 2010 today DMX is the father of 15 children, some with his wife and others in other women with whom he had extramarital affairs. To this day he has been sued for failing to offer child support even though he has already filed for bankruptcy.

Age, height and weight

Born on December 18, 1970, DMX is 50 years old as of today August 9, 2021. His height is 1.8 m its weight is 81 kg.


Believe it or not, DMX is the fifth best-selling rap artist of the Nielsen SoundScan era in America. He broke the mainstream with his first album It’s Dark, and Hell is Hot 1998, which reached # 1 on the Billboard 200 chart and sold more than 5 million copies. His quest to be the best rapper did not end there when he released his second album Flesh of My Flesh, Blood of My Blood 1998, and it also charted at the top of the Billboard 200, making him the only rapper in history to have two. albums the same year. debuts at number one.

He released his third album and in 1999 it was titled, And Then There Was X, which debuted at the top of the Billboard 200, and to this day has been certified six times platinum. Other DMX albums are, And Then There Was X (1999), The Great Depression (2001), Grand Champ (2003), Year of the Dog & # 8230; Again (2006) and the most recent Undisputed (2012).

His success in music landed him offers to appear in films, and to date his films have grossed more than $269 million worldwide. Some of his latest movies and TV shows that he has appeared on are Top Five 2014, King Dog 2013, Black Ink Crew 2017, and many others.

DMX has received quite a few nominations and has only won two awards, hence 2 American Music Awards in the Favorite Rap / Hip-Hop Artist category.

Net Worth & 2021 DMX Salary


As of August 2021, DMX net worth is – $10 million, and don’t mistake your negative $10 million for being more specific. The real question is what happened to DMX’s net worth considering the man has sold over 86 million copies and his movies have grossed over $260 million.

I can’t answer that question but to guess the lavish lifestyle that rappers engage in and considering he had over 15 women, that’s where his net worth ran out. We came up with a negative figure as the rapper has filed for bankruptcy numerous times and been sued multiple times for failing to pay child support and even charged with tax evasion.

The DMX net worth, which reads as a negative value, should serve as a warning to those who squander their wealth and live large, forgetting that tomorrow is another day. All we can say is that we wish you the best in your fraud case.

Earl Simmons an American Rapper, Record Producer, Actor. He was born December 18, 1970, at Mount Vernon, New York, USA. Earl Simmons released his most famous and best selling album And Then There Was X, Which included the hit single “Party Up(Up in Here). As of 2021DMX’s net worth is -$1 million.

He was also appearing in different films such as Belly, Romeo Exit Wounds, Must Die, Last Hour, and Cradle 2 the Grave. After he starred in the television series DMX: Soul of a Man in 2006 the BET cable television network as well as he also published his memoirs entitled book E.A.R.L. The Autobiography of DMX.

Earl Simmons
DMX – The Great Depression, Earl Simmons, Darkman X, X, D, The Dog, Dark Man X, Dark Man Extreme
Joe Barker (Street Artist)
Arnett Simmons
Bonita Simmons, Shayla Simmons
Actor, Rapper, Record Producer
December 18, 1970
Actor, Rapper, Record Producer
Mount Vernon, New York, U.S.
81 kg or 178.5 pounds
Dark Brown
5 ft 11 in or 180 cm
-$1 Million in negative
Pass graduated from Yonkers High School, Yonkers.
Party Up, Xavier Simmons, Shawn Simmons, Tacoma Simmons, X Gon Give it to Ya, Praise Mary Ella Simmons, Where The Hood At
Belly, Cradle 2 the Grave, Exit Wounds, Romeo Must Die (2000), Blame It on the Hustle (2013), Cradle 2 the Grave, Last Hour, Never Die Alone (2004)
Eve (2003), Makes No Difference (2010), Couples Therapy (2012), Fresh Off The Boat (2015)
American Music Award – Favorite Rap/Hip-Hop Artist (2000, 2001), Grammy Awards, MTV Video Musics, Award
Tashera Simmons (m. 1999–2014)
Bonita Simmons, Shayla Simmons, X Gon Give It to Ya, Party Up, Where The Hood At

What does DMX mean?

Earl Simmons was born in Mount Vernon, New York, USA the son’s name of DMX is Arnett Simmons and Joe Barker. The first time he was raised in Yonkers, New York. He is a Christian and DMX starts your day reading Bible every day. In 1999 he was married to Tashera Simmons.

In 2010 Tashera Simmons announced their separation. His fifteenth child, Exodus Simmons, was born to his girlfriend, Desiree Lindstrom, on August 16, 2016. In 2003 his salary $5,000,000 US.

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Earl Simmons an American Rapper, Record Producer, Actor, and was born December 18, 11970, t Mount Vernon, New York, USA.

DMX was found lifeless in a Ramada Inn on February 10, 2016. He was born Maryland resident Monique Wayne in 2004.

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As of 2021DMX’s net worth is -$1 million.

DMX Net Worth
-$10 Million
-$8 Million
-$5 Million
-$2 Million
-$1 Million
$7 Million
$5 Million
$4 Million
$2 Million
$1 Million