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The Sabir Bey Show | Class Reconvenes : The Re-Introduction S4 Ep 1.5

Sep. 11, 2015 | Sabir Bey returns to a new home, after touring the land. With a new home on RMC, Rosco's Media Center, Sabir gives an introduction of the team, the new format and an update on what he's been doing since leaving the previous station. Sabir speaks on Hip Hop, giving a brief history on the culture and explaining why we are #KnowledgeThe5thElement.

______________________________________________________________ Fridays at 7:30 PM Est | 4:30 PM Pst at on RMC On Air.

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"The Sabir Bey Show is 'Pure EDU-TAINMENT' tackling issues within the community and on the topics of Law, History, Culture, Politics, Religion, Society, and Health by incorporating TRUE Hip Hop and Urban Music in bringing together a full circle of understanding with current culture and society conflicts. The Sabir Bey Show includes guest appearances by award-winning celebrities and respected elders of the Moorish Nation and Pan Africanism." The Sabir Bey Show has the mission of bringing "Pure Edu-tainment" to the lives of many by introducing truths, new concepts, currents events and History through Entertainment.

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The Sabir Bey Show is currently one of LA's TOP talk shows, often labeled "controversial," as Sabir Bey and his co-hosts provide audiences with "PURE EDU-TAINMENT..." Meant to shock you with the truth, Sabir breaks down many "taboo" topics LIVE ON AIR! He's blunt with his breakdowns, beware to have your "jaw drop!" Sabir even challenges YOU to call into the show and and prove him wrong, daring you to "cross your t's and dot your i's."


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