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Technavio predicts significant trends in television ad-spending through 2019
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Contributing Writer
Jessica N. Abraham-Hogan is an Internet Marketing Professional, specializing in the areas of Social Branding and Public Relations. For the last 12 years, she has worked with multiple brands and Online platforms, providing unique content and driving impact through advanced marketing strategy. She is the owner and founder of Shorty Produkshins, an Online Promotions Company, servicing established brands within the industries of Entertainment Business and Internet Marketing. Reminding YOU to Brand Social.

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How and Why Shorty Produkshins is Shifting Gears in 2016 Tags: Shorty Produkshins News Jessica N. Abraham Hogan Public Relations Social Branding Internet Marketing Orlando Internet Marketing Pittsburgh SEO

How and Why Shorty Produkshins is Shifting Gears in 2016


Shorty Produkshins is an Online Promotions Company from Orlando, Florida, specializing in Social Branding and Event Marketing, as well as Public Relations and Design Strategy, for the last 11 years.

As many of you must know, the face of SEO and Internet Marketing is rapidly changing. It's been almost ten years since we completely evolved into a marketing company. True, we still made music clean up into 2010, but this was done through subsidiary, Shorty's Playground, after splitting into two separate entities in 2007.

Shorty Produkshins has prided itself on keeping a head of competition by being early adopters and evolving our services to meet the needs of our growing audiences. We started as that tiny little studio, consisting of a computer and a closet, and delivered many phases to our most avid supporters. Many of you remember our plaza location and our studio suites. As time evolved and industries became saturated, we evolved. Shorty Produkshins has always giving a "new era in royalty" through this constant growth.

In 2013, we celebrated 10 official years. Innovation and specialization came from the demand of our most prestigious clientele -- those allowed to be named and those under NDA. We focused more on our abilities on "streaming," graphic design, social branding, public relations and event marketing. We also continued to be one of the first to deliver mobile technologies to smaller brands -- something we had been doing since around 2010.

Then, rules of event marketing changed.

We once packed audiences to the point they wrapped around blocks to get into our venues. We packed venues so full, people would leave just because there were too many people there. Mixtape release parties often found they didn't have enough products to hand out to their audiences. We even contributed to many of our larger clientele in having the largest audiences they ever had in their annual events.

Soon, everyone started to adopt the same marketing plan. And, those rules really apply any more. And, let's face it, if the client has a smaller budget, there is a limit to what can be done in competing against venues with holographs, strippers and free drinks all night long. More focus went on Public Relations, Streaming Shows and Social Branding. Shorty Produkshins soared throughout the latter half of 2014 and on through 2015 by directing attention to where it was most effective!

Focused on the media, owner, Jessica N. Abraham-Hogan began growing closer ties with many of the media platforms she worked for over the years. She began to realize that these media ties were great in supporting her public relations clientele. With over 16 years of expertise in social branding, this service was only going to be enhanced by combining services with those of the public relations sector. And, then... Shorty Produkshins would change forever!

While we have been engaging in content marketing since around 2001, many companies have realized how effective it actually is. They are beginning to realize the importance of owning a blog and regularly adding content to their websites. They are learning how impactful social shares can be. And, even Google has changed their algorithms to reflect this ideal. Because so many black hat operations have ruined innocent SEO initiative, Google's new algorithms began focusing more on social impact and content than on anything else.

At Shorty Produkshins, we have already "been there, done that." We have already done the "expert guest" thing, too. But, what of all of it coming full circle? As a content powerhouse, we are scaling our methods for our clientele in delivering Online and Offline promotions where they matter the most, making them an expert in their field and allowing them to monetize all platforms.

As IT companies are shifting towards all-in-one integrations that promote "productivity, collaboration and communication," we are enhancing our internal productions, partnering more frequently and communicating to our audiences more. We are making them part of our endeavors. We aren't just making them part of the conversation, we are making them the conversation. While we will still cater to clientele directly, we are shifting our focus to community.

We have always dedicated ourselves to the underdog. We made it our mission to serve independent artists, brands and causes. We made it our mission to give audiences something to consume. But, everyone is doing that now. Why be like everyone else?

We have built clout (and Klout) over the years. You have been faithful to us, and we are grateful for that. We have come with a new plan of action in serving you... the every day person.  In 2016, we shift gears to community. We shift gears to return the support. In order to continue creating opportunities for you, we must keep evolving us!

In the past, you may have noticed long periods of time that our websites weren't even finished. This is because we focused on our client's work, pushing our own work to the back burner. Over the last 13 years, we have been a mostly referral-based company. Our clientele speak on our behalf, as they return for more. Our clientele have even given us permanent positions within their own companies.

In supporting our past, our existing and our future clientele... in supporting our followers, our lurkers, our true fans... in supporting the customers of our clientele... and in supporting the community, it is time to focus on us... Our true mission.

If you ask Mrs. Abraham-Hogan what makes her continue to do what she does with Shorty Produkshins, she will tell you that it is all the support and loyalty she has gained over the years. It is her hope to create a balance between genuine customer service, the people and humanity. As society corrupts, she feels a duty in giving the people hope for change. As innovation explodes, she loves be the first to tell you (it's probably the little kid in her)... As misinformation is spread, she wants to be sure people are educated. She wants to help a young generation succeed and small businesses stay open. She wants to see people reach their full potential and to be a helping hand.

With 2016, it's not just a new beginning, it's a chance for transformation... metamorphosis in branding social... And, we just want you to pay attention as we begin to unveil our plan of action over these next few months.... You will NOT be disappointed. Because, you are the reason for it all!

Hashtag MoorishLivesMatter: The social media movement towards an awakening Tags: the sabir bey show los angeles internet marketing orlando news streaming television digital tv rmc on air moors in america moorish heritage
WebDAM sets the ground rules and gives you 'Fifty Shades of Branding' Tags: marketing online social media social branding branding brand managment brand monitoring internet marketing assets creative writing content


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On Friday, February 13, 2015, theaters everywhere released the “Fifty Shades of Grey” movie, a motion picture derived from a novel with a taboo storyline. In the Marketing World, WebDAM, the leading Digital Asset Management software continues powering a new era for enterprise as they released their own “Fifty Shades” project… “Fifty Shades of Branding.” In “letting your brand go” wild, “Fifty Shades of Branding” gives insight into Branding secrets, new and old, while explaining how and why a brand needs to allure their audiences by showing off its sexy! They have released “the best practices and inspirational statistics to unleash your brand in today’s modern world,” as introduced in a SlideShare presentation, provided to Examiner by WebDAM upon the release of this project.





Florida businesses promote 'independent' through annual Pittsburgh cause Tags: lyndsey smith and sould distribution lssd b michael smith toys for tots christmas benefit charity playas mob radio shorty produkshins soul


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Playas Mob Radio: Breaking independents via Online and traditional platforms Tags: Playas Mob Radio be heard Shorty Produkshins Radio FM Traditional Media Get on the Radio Independent Artists Music Hip Hop R&B Music


playas mob radio, coolest radio show, be heard worldwide, get on the radio, ron good hogan, fort pierece, west palm beach, orlando, pittsburgh, japan radio, germany radio, toronto radio, rio di janerio, sao paulo, bahamas, morocco, australia, liverpool, florida


Today, November 12, 2014, Examiner sat down with Playas Mob Radio of WJFP-FM and discussed how they are combining traditional, Online and modernized marketing efforts in “breaking independent artists, brands and causes, Worldwide.” And, while there are many Online radio stations and shows saturating the World of Streaming Radio Broadcasting, Playas Mob Radio is doing “it” a bit differently.

Playas Mob Radio is a radio show dedicated to independent artists, brands and causes looking to expand audiences, create awareness and be heard by those who matter -- often times that A&R, who is scouting out new talents. Other times, it is the potentially shareable fanbase of the featured guests to the show that week. Guests in the past have included Industry Professionals, both behind the scenes and in the forefront of the industry, such as Kevin Shine of the F.I.R.M., Willie “Bum Bum” Baker, Tameka “Tiny” Harris, Sanchez Holmes, OMG Girls, Rico Wade and Sleepy Brown of Organized Noize, Big Boi of Outkast and many more!

While the show is made available, Online, through Tune-in Radio’s Web & Mobile App Platforms and, “the coolest radio show in the World” is actually available live on the FM dial! Playas Mob Radio is broadcasted on six FM-station buffers reaching out to Central and South Floridians within the broadcast area. Playas Mob Radio was commenced in 2010 after Ron “Good” Hogan, James “Bootmayne” Minus and Jarvis “Money J” Anthony decided it would be an excellent means of showcasing music created by Playas Mob Entertainment, an entertainment company founded by Mr. Hogan and Mr. Minus in 1999. Since then, they have been “...dedicated to breaking Independent Artists, Businesses and Labels, while providing a platform of PR to those who have already established themselves within the entertainment industry and veterans who may provide entertainment to listeners, Worldwide (“About Us,”…”

Playas Mob Radio is currently in the works of creating and releasing an Online presence similar to Facebook and Linkedin that “encourages cross promotion, collaboration, artist development and unity within its pages,” according to their Director of Marketing and Public Relations, Jessica Hogan, who has only been with the show since this past summer. She continues, “We are also working on releasing a physical magazine at the beginning of the year that introduces new artists, businesses and movements to a minimum of 10,000 new audience members a month, as well as through Online and Mobile editions of our future editorial, which is aimed at being interactive in order for important persons of interest to connect directly with acts and brands within our articles.”

In addition to a magazine, the Playas Mob version of a social network will also include discussions on business, economy, sponsorships, the entertainment business and more. There will be a chat room, “tons of videos,” music, archives of past shows and even a live broadcast link to listeners outside the FM reach. Here, fans may also connect directly with their favorite On-Air Personalities, including “Mr. Good,” “Bootmayne,” “Money J,” Tracy “East Coast T-Mac” Morgan, “Mz Shorty P” and new personality, Jesse “Boss J” Anthony. Fans within the physical listening areas are able to go to the site for more information on Playas Mob events in nearby cities, including weekly events in Orlando, FL, and to be redirected to purchase “beats,” or Hip Hop instrumentals, by Bootmayne, who is also a Producer for Playas Mob Entertainment.

Connecting with direct audiences in both Online and Offline realms, Playas Mob Radio has created a culture within their own niche. Listeners are “always connected” through mobile, portable and desktop devices, and taking advantage of Online Promotion ensures that they will become part of that culture. Active on Social Media, Playas Mob Radio draws in and interacts with listeners on official accounts, as well as on those of individual personalities. With additional platforms preparing to launch, there is much potential in connecting audiences with unsigned, upcoming talents, their favorite celebrities and legends, new ideas and products and, of course, the inspiration to follow their own dreams while educating themselves on strategies to do so.

Brands, both corporate and local, have much to gain through advertising on these channels. Advertising has not died yet; and Playas Mob Radio has implemented ways to not only advertise trusted brands to their audiences but how to allow them to experience these brands first-hand in encouraging Brand Awareness and Loyalty. Because Playas Mob has set up this “Conspiracy 2015,” it has led to many listeners to adopting advertised brands, as trendsetters and early adopters, as well as in spreading the word on these products and Playas Mob Radio, itself!

This year alone, Playas Mob Radio has expanded its listening bases greatly! Where it was once listened to by audiences around the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom, audiences in Australia began tuning in at great numbers. More recently Ghana, Germany and Morocco have been, as well! While listeners are tuned in multiple countries all over the map, these particular countries have been gaining numbers very rapidly, which only goes to show that Playas Mob Radio IS “the coolest radio show in the World!” That’s not that bad for a radio show started by three young men in Fort Pierce, Florida, who sought to have their music heard, now is it?

Check out Playas Mob Radio on Saturdays from 8:00 PM Est until 9:00 PM Est on WJFP-FM. You can listen in LIVE via, or through Tunein Radio’s Web & Mobile App platforms.

If you are in Florida, try one of these six FM stations below, and don’t forget to call in:

  • 91.1 FM Fort Pierce
  • 88.5 FM Clewiston
  • 93.9 FM Cocoa Beach
  • 94.3 FM Melbourne
  • 107.1 FM West Palm Beach
  • 90.7 FM Vero Beach

*For coverage maps, please see

Archives of previous shows can be found on SoundCloud.

Pilar Sanders El-Dey returns to Sabir Bey Show challenges TMZ, the NFL and more Tags: the sabir bey show pilar sanders internet marketing orlando news streaming television digital tv rmc on air moors in america moorish heritage


Shorty Produkshins currently seeks independent contractors in major cities Tags: Internet marketing orlando shorty produkshins shorty productions brand social public relations hiring jessica n abraham hogan pittsburgh news


internet marketing orlando, internet marketing atlanta, internet marketing fort pierce, shorty produkshins, shorty productions, punxsutawney, philly, los angeles, miami, new york, dallas, memphis, detroit, social branding, public relations, hip hop, music, entertainment business, technology, news,


Shorty Produkshins has grown over the last ten years and has expanded borders from Orlando and Pittsburgh origins to other regions around the World that include places like: Atlanta, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Memphis, Detroit, Punxsutawney, Philadelphia, Toronto, Nigeria and more! They provide clientele with Social Branding and Event Marketing options that are optimized through “Advanced Internet Marketing and SEO tactic.” They also provide current clientele with Public Relations, Mobile Marketing, Design Strategies, and Consultation.

As the company has grown, and with recently adding new services to its menu, Shorty Produkshins current marketing teams have been faced with the challenge of time and possibility. Shorty Produkshins believes in direct focus and dedication to the creative process for each project in providing quality service in a timely manner. Because of this, it has become more difficult to continue ongoing efforts to market services to new and potential clientele. This is an important part of ensuring a successful future for the business. It is also the reason the current campaign has been prompted.

They are seeking “self-motivated” individuals that demonstrate ethic, professionalism and determination to add to the roster. As Independent Contractors, they would be allowed to set their own schedules, work from home and make as much profit from commission as they allow themselves to acheive. They will be marketing in-demand servicing from Shorty Produkshins that is geared towards individual brands, small businesses and non-profit organizations.

“Because the power of ‘Social’ is strong, Shorty Produkshins intends on hiring those Independent Contractors from a variety of backgrounds and education levels, as long as the individuals perform ethically, professionally and with great determination while having fun! Individuals will be working from home but are encouraged to network at larger events and gatherings. They will be working closely with the Shorty Produkshins marketing team from around the World through an Online platform created specifically with them in mind.”

They are asking individuals to submit resumes, along with a written answer or video reply to the questions: “Why I am qualified to be added to the team, and why would I be a great asset to the team?” Strong communication skills are a necessity. They are only interested in “individuals who can demonstrate a passion for Social branding and Event Marketing.”

Ideal for “ those individuals who are well known in their communities, are attending college, are involved in the Entertainment Business and/or are “Power Hustlers” who can prompt and close sales quickly,” they are asking applicants to direct all deliverables to… Will you make the cut?

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Shorty Produkshins is an Online Promotions Company from Orlando, Florida, specializing in Social Branding and Event Marketing, as well as Public Relations and Design Strategy, for the last 11 years.




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